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Whether you are a loyal fan or not, you have to admit that the Batman series represents thrills, chills and also quality. This is one of the strongest brands in the world of entertainment, and it takes a company like Microgaming to do that brand justice as it comes up with a perfectly scintillating online pokie following the theme of the Dark Knight Rises.

This is, of course, one of the blockbuster films in that series and you just know that any online poker machine that carries its theme is going to have a natural following. There is also an awesome amount of responsibility attached when it comes to fulfilling the promise in that brand. Microgaming does a great job in capturing the mood of this legendary piece. If you are someone who can really get into the whole "package" of entertainment value, you are going to enjoy a couple of things: the music that is involved here, and also the actual clips from the movie that will play when you achieve a win. This is something that pokie developers started doing with movie-themed games not too long ago, and it always adds to the overall thrill of participating.

You are going to find many of the characters from the film in this game, and that includes Batman, along with Commissioner Gordon, Baking, Selena and several more. Naturally, there is some conflict in this game, as there is in the movie, and it plays into bonus situations that the customer can capitalize on. Examples can be found in the two random features that can be triggered in this online pokie game. And in a nice twist, what one of these features does is offers a consolation for the player after losing span. That's right; after losing span. What will happen in the "Fight Round" is a fight between Batman and Bane, and as they are fighting, there is the opportunity to see an increase in the free spins you will be awarded. You can actually get up to 25 free spins within this particular feature, and there is also a chance to have an attractive when multiplier. Then, in yet another unique twist, there is the Symbol Scramble, in which the icons that are on the screen actually get rearranged so as to give you the best possible result. How come nobody ever thought of that before? Or have they?

The Dark Knight Rises logo serves as the wild symbol in this game, and it will complete all winning combinations except for those involving the scatter symbol. Players also have the opportunity to get an Expanding Wild on the third reel, and there is a free spins phase with a minimum of 10 free shots at the house. Players get to choose either Bane or Batman in this free spins phase, and they offer different things. With the Bane free spins game, you get rolling reels, and with Batman, there is an additional wild available.

The Dark Knight Rises online pokie from Microgaming consists of five reels and 243 win lines. Players must bet all lines, and the maximum win in this game is a whopping 1,780,000. Gotham City never looked this good!

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