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There is no question that when a company produces a pokie that is based on a blockbuster movie, there are a lot of people who sit up and take notice. Such is the case with the Terminator 2 pokie that is put out by Microgaming, which provides customers with the look and feel of the movie, along with some great prizes.

This game consists of five reels and 243 lines, with coin sizes that go up to $.50 and a maximum of 10 coins per line that can be wagered. There are some people who complain that this pokie and its design are a little too "dark" in terms of mood, but that would only be in keeping with the motion picture itself. This is clearly licensed by the studio as a game that will best represent the movie, and it does a great job in that regard.

The T2 symbol is the wild here and it can be substituted for any other symbol when it comes to completing winning combinations, with the exception of the scatter. And speaking of the scatter, it is the Energy All, and what you are looking for is three or more of those symbols to be appearing on the screen at any given time. If that happens, you are going to trigger the free spins round. You only get 10 free spins with the Terminator 2 pokie, but this game becomes one with 1024 win lines, which means, quite simply, that you have more ways to get paid, and there is also the matter of the T-1000 symbol, which automatically becomes a wild transformable to the highest paying symbol in the game. In other words, you "maxed out" your chances to win and win big.

There is also something interesting in terms of the T-800 feature, which can be triggered at random. We are always enamored with things potentially beneficial to the player that trigger at random, and this is one of them. It can happen at the end of any non-winning spin for you. And when it is there, you only need to have one scatter on the screen for you to get to the free spins round. This, folks, is a very good thing. What is a BAD thing is the fact that once you get to that lucrative free spins round, it cannot be triggered again while you are playing. Most definitely makes all the sense in the world to make the most of it while you have the opportunity.

What is special about the Terminator 2 pokie is not only that people who are familiar with the movie (and there are millions of them) are going to really get a kick out of this, but that it is also designed and developed my Microgaming. Many online casino players around the world can tell you, if you are not familiar with it already, that Microgaming adds that "touch" that can turn a great idea into a great pokie. They are masters at graphics, and when you have something like this in terms of subject matter, you have to have the talented people who can maximize its effect. That, by all accounts, is the case here. For example, you get a great infra-red effect when that T-800 feature is triggered, and that is not the work of amateurs. Terminator 2 is a delight to play, because it's a great brand and has great workmanship.

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