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One of the things you always want to ask yourself when an online casino software company comes up with a themed pokie is whether it is going to stay faithful to the piece of media it is based on. We are happy to say that Microgaming has done just that with its release of Jurassic Park.

This pokie is five reels and 243 lines, and that means it comes up with a lot of ways for you to win. If you are not familiar with the movie, it centers quite a bit on dinosaurs, and you get plenty of them in what is a high-quality graphic arrangement. And it captures a lot of the characters from the movie in the symbols it uses on its reels. Also, in the background you take a virtual tour of the park itself, so you are always going to have that "feel" all around you.

The wild symbol is the Jurassic Park logo, and obviously it is going to serve to complete all the winning combinations, working with everything except the scatter. And by the way, the Fly in Amber symbol is the scatter, and it can appear on any of the five reels, triggering a bonus round when three or more of them are on the screen at once. The names of the bonus rounds are something you don't want to try saying or spelling, or even pronouncing, over and over again: the Tyrannosaurus Rex bonus, the Velociraptor Bonus, the Triceratops Bonus, the Brachiosaurus Bonus and the Dilophosaurus Bonus. Yes, these all stand for different dinosaurs. These bonus rounds all offer different things to you, from a dozen free spins with reels that are completely wild, to spins with a mystery multiplier. It should be mentioned that in each of them, you get 12 free spins. What is especially colorful is when you get the T-Rex alert, which sounds like the roar of, you guessed it.

You're going to be awarded six page spends, and there will be extra wild symbols appearing on the reels. Here's the great thing about it – you get 35 of them, which means that you are certainly going to multiply your chances of winning. How much you are going to win is anybody's guess. And perhaps one drawback to this game is the fact that you have to reach a free spins round a total of 25 times before you get to pick and choose which specific bonus game you are going to play.

There is no denying that the look is sleek and very authentic. And for that, much of the credit needs to go to Microgaming, which is known as the world's best when it comes to online casino software. Microgaming is notorious for its attention to detail, and as such they are generally known to do the best job when it comes to these games that are produced as a result of licensing (i.e., themed games). What Microgaming also offers all players on its pokies is the opportunity to increase the sound or the speed at any given time. So if you think the reels are spinning too slow, you can just speed up the action. Also, if you really want to get some of that "surround sound," just turn up the volume. It's easy when you are playing a pokie that is produced by Microgaming. And for a game that is so dependent on sight and sound, there could not be a better entity to deliver such an experience to the player.

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