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There are plenty of fans out there who were huge followers of the Battle Star Galactica television show. Microgaming comes with an online pokie that is based on the revival of that show when it went into syndication, and they have done a sensational job with the graphics, sound and plenty of features.

Battlestar Galactica, of course, started out as a network show and then later had a long run syndicated to television stations and networks around the world. The audience constitutes something of a "cult" following, but of the highest order, and it is a tremendous responsibility on the part of any company to represent that in a poker machine. Microgaming is one of the few companies that is equal to the task. High-definition symbols abound, and obviously there are all kinds of items that are taken directly from the series. The characters are vivid, and if you didn't know them already, you are going to get to know them through this game. The Battlestar Galactica online pokie consists of five reels and 243 lines.

One of the things that Microgaming does that really ties it to the theme of this television show is that when you achieve a winning combination, you get to see a video clip featuring the character that is subject of the win. This is not completely original, is a lot of online pokies are going to video clips, but Microgaming makes use of it better than anyone else. And along those lines, you can get to see more and more video as you progress in this game. You do that through achieving a higher and higher "rank," which is determined by how much you play, naturally. So if you are playing this pokie strictly because you are big fan of the television series, this is going to bring a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

You also have the opportunity to play in different modes when you are engaged in this online pokie gain. There is the Normal Mode, in which the highlight is the "Ion Storm" feature, which will turn all five reels wild at random. As you can imagine, this is a very nice feature. Then there is the Run Mode, which continues the theme of randomness, as letter or number symbols can conceivably become wild at any time. When you get three or more scatters on the screen, you can go to a free spins game out of this mode, and you will get five of them. Then there is Flight Mode, in which any symbol can become wild at random. And wilds are split when you get to the free spins game.

It really is a pleasure when you see that the designer of the game is truly put the extra effort in to make it integrate fully with the piece of media it has modeled itself after. Microgaming is the world's best, and they not only have superior graphics, but also plenty of player options, including Autoplay, which will allow you to use a set wager, click the "Spin" button, and just watch it play and play and play without having to touch it further. Just sit back and enjoy all the video clips!

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