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If you are a pokies enthusiast, you may remember about seven years ago, when Microgaming released Avalon, which became a big hit with the online gaming crowd. Well they are back again with Avalon 2, which takes the same spirit and expands upon it.

It is always tricky when any entity has a big hit with one thing, and then has to produce something for an encore. Such was the challenge for Microgaming as they considered following up Avalon, one of their most popular releases. But now they have come back with Avalon 2, and the results are somewhat astounding. This is unquestionably one of the best looking pokies they have available in their vast selection. In the graphics display really exemplifies the high-quality work this company does when it comes to its attention to detail. This is visually beautiful, but does it play that beautifully?

Well, let's put it this way – one great thing about this game is the fact that there are seven different bonus features, and each of them comes with a lot of atmosphere, in the way of spoken word and music, along with the tremendous graphics. What you are presented with as the player is the concept of going through each of these seven features in order, as sort of the "quest" you will be undertaking.

You really have to get into the theme to understand all of this, but your objective with the first bonus, which is called the "Lake of Legend," is that you get tendrils of the dice to "re-forge" Excalibur. In other words, when you're looking to do with each roll of the dice is to put the sword back together. Then there is the "Dusky Moors" bonus round, in which you have to uncover a pair of similar helmets, and like we said, if you are playing this game then you are certainly very much into the spirit of things. In some of these bonus rounds, you get free spins; for example, the "Forest Falls" round, you get exposed to "trailing wilds" and 20 free spins. In the "Misty Fail" round, you get to pick an additional wild, which carries with it a 2X multiplier, and then you will receive 15 free spins.

The next to last of these bonus rounds is the "Hall of Shadows," in which you are after the Holy Grail and have to fight against the Black Night in order to get it. When you are successful with anything, which includes winning a blow on attack or blocking the Black Nights blow, you are going to win a prize. And then there is the grand finale, so to speak, the "Isle of Avalon," in which you are going to spin the wheel of Avalon, in order to come up with a multiplier, which, factored by your total wager, give you a cash prize. The maximum win on this game is 2.4 million coins, and in this five-reel, 243-line game, you can play up to five coins per line.

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