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There is a demand on the part of online casino customers for new, convenient and different methods with which to fund a real money account. One of the most interesting ways we have come across is that of Ukash, and it is available to gaming enthusiasts in Australia right now. This brand, which first emerged in 2005, is a very popular method of depositing funds wherever it exists. It is fully licensed at the moment by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom, and it carries full faith and credit in whichever jurisdiction it operates. So if you make use of Ukash as a method, you can rest assured you are not going to have any headaches. And guess what? To answer your next question, it is one of those methods in which the merchant (in this case, the online casino) never gets a look at your intimate financial details.

Ukash works on the basis of vouchers, which can be purchased in any number of retail locations throughout Australia, or (in this is unique) for a secure email or text message to your smart phone. Really, all it involves is a 19-digit code that you simply give to any merchant that is looking to get paid. What that code does is that it demonstrates you have paid a certain amount of money to buy the voucher somewhere, and therefore the code is as good as money, in effect. So you would go to the online casino you are interested in, and look up, in the "Cashier" tab or something similar, whether Ukash is accepted as a payment method. Chances are that it will be, if the online casino does business with Australian clientele. Then, as you follow these instructions, all you would do is give the 19-digit code, and that is as good as cash.

So of course, what you have to find out is where you can buy a Ukash voucher. And that is as easy as going to the website to find out a list of locations that might be near you. If you do this, you will receive a hard copy of the voucher, which you will want to hold onto, since that 19-digit code is going to be needed so that you can relate to the merchant. You can pay for these vouchers not only with cash, but also with credit card or debit cards. And if you lose this voucher, you will most likely be able to get a replacement if you can prove the amount of the voucher and details about when and where it was purchased.

Ukash vouchers are most commonly used in the United Kingdom, but they are also available in about 50 countries around the world. Australia, of course, is one of those countries. It is estimated that about a half a million places serve as outlets where a Ukash voucher can be purchased in person. So there should not be any problem whatsoever opening up an online casino account, even if you don't have a credit card, or even a bank account. The "smart voucher" from Ukash makes this happen!

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