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Many online casino customers are always looking for different ways in which they can fund their real money account, and one that is dependable, as well as widely accepted. Well, as far as electronic methods are concerned, you can't do much better than Skrill, which has followers in every corner of the world.

We know that perhaps many people are not all that familiar with the name. And there would be good reason for that. It is not a name that has been in existence for a terribly long time, and this company was much more commonly known under a different moniker until relatively recently. Some of you have unquestionably heard of Moneybookers, and Skrill is simply the re-branding of Moneybookers.

The service hasn't really changed all that much, except to say that it may have expanded. The company was founded in 2001, and it really did get a good head start doing online processing for casinos. In some ways legislation in various countries (not to mention in the United States) may have affected their activity along those lines. Skrill is not available to customers in the United States - except to those under the legalized gaming umbrella in the state of New Jersey - but they are available for deposits to be made by Australian players.

When you have decided that you want to use Skrill as the method by which you are going to fund your online casino account, you have to register for an account at Skrill and then fund IT. The process isn't all that involved, but you have to establish a funding method for the e-wallet (Skrill being the e-wallet) and that will involve giving them some information about your credit card or bank account and you will be ready to go to the online casino and do some business.

Of course, we are operating on the assumption that you have already found that Skrill is one of the casino deposit methods that is listed as being available. If it is, then you are going to simply give the casino your Skrill account information, once that account is funded. And you would then (a) be able to do the transaction without giving any of your financial details to the casino, and (b) get very quick access to the funds in your playing account.

Another factor that attracts people to working through Skrill is that you can get paid that way too. Let's illustrate for a second: if you use a credit card to open an account, you are most likely not going to be able to execute a withdrawal from your casino account via the same method with which you made the deposit. In many cases, you can request a withdrawal from an online casino and get paid right into your Skrill account. And that is obviously very convenient. Don't forget another thing as well; online casino often put forth extra signup bonuses for using "alternative methods," and Skrill is one of those methods. They like when you make use of an electronic wallet. And of course, there are thousands of other merchants around the world that accept Skrill for payment, so this account could have a lot of different uses.

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