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Some people may not be that interested in using credit cards directly when dealing with an online casino, or with ANY business for that matter, because they have a concern that sensitive financial details might get compromised. That is one reason there is a growing number of people who take the opportunity to use an "electronic wallet" for these purposes, it is convenient, and it works, and they have wide acceptance in the online casino industry.

One of the best e-wallets available to perform this function is Neteller, which has been involved as an electronic means of payment since 1996. At one time, Neteller was a dominant electronic wallet for gaming deposits in the United States, but all of that changed, not through any fault of Neteller, but with the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which made it impossible to do business with a "financial institution."

But let's talk about what CAN be done. Australians CAN indeed use Neteller for the purpose of funding an online casino account, and many do. And Neteller is, of course, something that is accepted by merchants around the world.

Customers who are interested in using Neteller need only go to their website and sign up for the service. No fee is charged for this, and only when you are about to make a deposit into a Neteller account are you asked for any of your bank or credit card information. But like all e-wallets, Neteller acts as a conduit of sports between you and the online casino.

There are a number of ways to find the Neteller account, and these include bank wires, credit or debit cards and eChecks. You may incur fees when you fund your account, but they will be minimal. There are also different time periods that it takes to fund your account. If you can use a credit card, that can happen instantly. Bank wires will take a longer amount of time.

The process you would go through here is to first go to the online casino you are interested in and look for it under the menu of deposit options. If Neteller appears there, click on it and follow the steps they prescribe for you. What should happen is that the casino uses your Neteller account to find your purchase. And here is what is really interesting about it; you may also be able to get paid upon a withdrawal through Neteller. So it would be the same method going in and out, which is very convenient, because while the subject of making deposits into online casinos is widely covered, the process of withdrawals is not. There is no reason you shouldn't get a quicker payout using Neteller than you might through other methods.

Neteller uses a lot of different currencies, and the Australian dollar is certainly one of them. And if you would like, you can apply for and receive a Neteller debit card, which will allow you to make purchases at retailers and online through the same rate you are using to play at online casinos.

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