Credit Cards at Australian Online Casinos

Obviously there is a process of shopping around for the best online casino that fits your needs. And when you have found one, the time comes for you to open an account, make a deposit, and start playing for real money. The only thing left when you have made this decision is which method of deposit you are going to use. Many people who play in online casinos like to do this with the use of a credit card.

There are obvious reasons for this. As anyone who has one would attest, there is something very fast about a credit card transaction, because all it takes is the simple transfer of some financial information to the casino, generally through the use of a form that is filled out. And the transaction will go through instantaneously, thus giving the customer the right to get in on the action right away.

When we talk about credit cards to open accounts at online casinos, we are speaking principally about Visa and MasterCard. Those are the two giants, and they are accepted throughout the world. Whether you are using either one, they both come with the convenience of knowing that the transaction will be rapid. Visa has generally been considered the method that has been more friendly toward gaming, but there are admittedly pitfalls associated with using either of these avenues.

One of them is an overriding problem with chargebacks, which are, in effect, the result of a dispute on the charge by the customer. The credit card company, by and large, regards online gambling transactions as being somehow less valid than others, from the standpoint of fighting the customers on those charges. So online casinos that do not do a lot of volume could find themelves in trouble with chargebacks. The reason we mention this is that invariably when a merchant experiences chargebacks, this is a cost of doing business that can be passed on to the customer, so there might be added charges or certain delays in the way of withdrawals for credit card customers. And when casinos find relatively fast methods that offer the opportunity to avoid chargebacks, they are most welcome. That is one of the reasons why the virtual currency of Bitcoin is gaining favor among some gaming operators, because it is more or less chargeback-proof.

Credit cards have faced some jurisdictional challenges. In the United States, for example, it is considered to be unlawful to process online gambling-related transactions because they involve financial institutions, which is prohibited under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Suffice it to say that in any jurisdiction where financial institutions (such as banks, which are connected to credit cards) are barred from such activity, using credit cards to open accounts is going to be problematic, and the transactions may be camouflaged as another category of transaction. Australians, however, should not have a big problem using Visa or MasterCard, or other cards such as Diners Club and certain geographically-centered alternatives. The best bet is to check with the "Cashier" or "Banking" page at any online casino you're interested in and you'll get instructions that will help.

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