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Major Millions is a five-reel, 15-line online progressive pokie that comes by way of Microgaming, and when you see that brand name, you can be assured that there are going to be some "major" jackpots involved, because Microgaming has an extensive jackpot network, widely considered to be the largest in the world.

When you play Major Millions, you know that the likelihood of having a huge jackpot hanging out there is very high. After all, there are both three and five-reel versions of this game, and money that is gathered from both versions is put into the jackpot pool. Microgaming, as we just mentioned, has a network of casinos that it powers with its software, and they take money from each of the Major Millions pokies in those casinos and put it into the general pool from which the progressive is paid.

In Major Millions, you have a wild symbol, which is simply their logo, and this is going to be the symbol that helps to complete winning combinations. So in other words, if over a single pay line, you have four of a kind in symbols and the wild, you will have a combination that pays out. What is unique here is that if you do indeed complete a winning combination with the Major Millions logo, your win is going to be tripled. So in other words, all wins carry a 3X multiplier. The "scatter" in this game is the Scatter Explosion symbol, and you will have to look out for it, because it can appear anywhere on the five reels in order to do you some good.

Let's talk about where the progressive jackpot comes into play. We have mentioned already that this game has 15 paylines. What you are looking for is to attain five Major Millions logo symbols (the wilds, as mentioned), and obviously when they appear on a pay line you're going to do quite well for yourself. But there is quite a difference between getting those wilds on paylines 1-14 and on Payline #15, because if you are on the 15th payline with all those wilds, you are instantly the winner of the progressive jackpot. In this particular game, the jackpot always starts out at no less than AU$250,000. It can eventually go into the millions, but the average payout on the progressive is somewhere around AU$400,000.

Okay, now that we have mentioned all of this, we should mention some of the things that could be a potential drawback for people. After all, we don't think Major Millions is a game for everybody. If you are hunting for big progressive jackpot, this is certainly one place you can go. However, there is only one coin size, which is AU$.20, and you have to play at least 15 coins to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. You can just click the "Bet Max" button in order to affect this.

For those of you who like to play free spins games, you will be disappointed, as Major Millions does not offer them. Nor is there the presence of something that is usually very popular on Microgaming pokies, which is the Gamble Bonus Game, which allows you the opportunity to immediately double up on any win by playing a very simple card game between spins. But as we mentioned, if you are playing this progressive poker machine, you are there for one primary reason, and if you win, it was well worth it.

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