Baccarat for Australian Players

When people think of baccarat, they probably think of hi rollers and James Bond movies, but that is the imagery that is created by saying the way the game is played in a land-based casino. It is actually something that anyone can participate in when playing in the online casino; all a person really needs to do is have a good idea about the rules and procedure.

Baccarat is played with a 52-card deck, like most other card games. There are really two entities in the game: the Player and the Banker. Both of them get a two-card and when play begins, and they are placed side-by-side on the table. There is an ultimate hand that one side or the other can get in this game, and it is nine (9). Totals of 10 or more do not count as such; only the second digit is counted. So, for example, if a two-card hand totaled 13, it would really only register as three (3).

When you are playing baccarat, your only concern is wagering on the hand, or side, that wins. That means you are going to play on either the Player or the Banker. There is actually a third alternative, in which you can bet on a tie, and this is a higher payout than either of the two sides, which both they had even money. Ties pay at 8-to-1.

Even though it appears that this is a game conducive to strategy, there really is no strategy involved, simply because there are no playing decisions to be made. The thing that anyone playing online baccarat has to get a handle on is the set of game rules. And we admit that they can be quite complicated; perhaps too complicated to be included in this limited space. Suffice it to say that and eight (8) or a nine (9), it is automatically a "standing hand." The Banker can only take a hit with less than six and if the Player is standing. If the player is holding five or less (keeping in mind that only the second digit counts), that hand takes an additional card.

As we have said, although it is not a bad idea to know the procedure through which this game is played, you must recognize that everything pretty much plays out by itself. The only thing you are in control of is how much of a wager you place. And so money management figures into what your overall rate of success is going to be. You are going to notice that baccarat, while relatively economical to play, still most likely carries a higher minimum that that you are likely to find in other online casino games.

Another thing for you to understand is that any bets you win that have been placed on the Banker side require that you pay a 5% commission to the house. So even though the Banker is probably going to win most of the time, the 5% you are paying out effectively mitigates any advantage you might have by "leaning" to that side.

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